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IID-13.1 Data Details

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IID-13.1 Increase the percentage of noninstitutionalized adults aged 65 years and older who are vaccinated against pneumococcal disease

About the Data

Description of the data source, numerator, denominator, survey questions, and other relevant details about the national estimate.

Data Source: 
National Health Interview Survey
Changed Since the Healthy People 2020 Launch: 
Baseline (Year): 
60.0 (2008)
Target-Setting Method: 
Maintain consistency with national programs, regulations, policies, and laws.
Target-Setting Method Justification: 
The target remains 90 percent. Rates have been relatively stagnant, but a variety of new adult vaccination initiatives are expected.

Number of persons aged 65 years and over who report ever receiving a pneumococcal vaccination


Number of persons aged 65 years and over

Comparable Healthy People 2010 Objective: 
Retained from HP2010 objective
Questions Used to Obtain the National Baseline Data: 

    From the 2008 National Health Interview Survey:


    Have you EVER had a pneumonia shot? This shot is usually given only once or twice in a person's lifetime and is different from the flu shot. It is also called the
    pneumococcal vaccine.

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Refused
    4. Don't know
Data Collection Frequency: