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Evidence-Based Resource Summary

Strength of Evidence: 
4 out of 4
4 out of 4
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Vaccination Programs: Reducing Client Out-of-Pocket Costs

Description of Resource: 
The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends interventions that reduce client out-of-pocket costs to improve vaccination rates. The effectiveness of these interventions has been demonstrated among children, adolescents, and adults, in a range of settings and populations, when applied in varying levels of scale from individual clinical settings to statewide programs to national efforts, and whether used alone or as part of a multicomponent intervention. Reducing out-of-pocket costs to clients for vaccinations involves program and policy changes that make vaccinations or the administration of vaccinations more affordable. Costs can be reduced by paying for vaccinations or administration, providing new or expanded insurance coverage, or lowering or eliminating patient out-of-pocket expenses at the point of service (e.g., copayments, coinsurances, and deductibles).

Evidence-Based Resource Details

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Developed By: 
Community Preventive Services Task Force
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Non-Federal Government
Healthy People 2020 Topic Area(s): 
Access to Health Services
Immunization and Infectious Diseases
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Resource Type: 
Systematic Review
The Community Guide [Internet]. Vaccination Programs: Reducing Client Out-of-Pocket Costs. c2014– [cited 2016 Dec 28]. Available from: