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Evidence-Based Resource Summary

Strength of Evidence: 
3 out of 4
3 out of 4
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Conference for Food Protection: Conference-Developed Guides and Documents

Description of Resource: 
The Conference for Food Protection brings together representatives from the food industry, government, academia, and consumer organizations to identify and address emerging problems of food safety and to formulate recommendations. The conference seeks to balance the interests of regulatory and industry people while providing an open forum for the consideration of ideas from any source. Although the conference has no formal regulatory authority, it profoundly influences model laws and regulations among all government agencies and minimizes disparate interpretations and implementation.

Evidence-Based Resource Details

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Conference for Food Protection
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Non-Federal Government
Healthy People 2020 Topic Area(s): 
Food Safety
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Non-Systematic Review
Expert Opinion
Conference for Food Protection [Internet]. Conference-Developed Guides and Documents. c2000– [cited 2013 Feb 27]. Available from: