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Evidence-Based Resource Summary

Strength of Evidence: 
3 out of 4
3 out of 4
Year Published: 

Communicating Risks and Benefits: An Evidence-Based User’s Guide

Description of Resource: 
The guide synthesizes research on risk communication and recommends specific practices that health professionals can use to improve the quality of risk communication with the public. The Food and Drug Administration regulates some 20% of the U.S. consumer economy, including food, drugs, medical devices, and dietary supplements. The guide applies not only to all of these products but also to any situation with a duty or desire to inform.

Evidence-Based Resource Details

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Developed By: 
Food and Drug Administration
Developer Type: 
Federal Government
Healthy People 2020 Topic Area(s): 
Health Communication and Health Information Technology
Healthy People 2020 Objectives: 
Resource Type: 
Non-Systematic Review
Fischhoff B, Brewer N, and Downs J, eds. Communicating Risks and Benefits: An Evidence-Based User’s Guide [Internet]. Silver Spring, MD: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration. 2011 Aug [cited 2013 Feb 27]. Available from: