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Evidence-Based Resource Summary

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4 out of 4
4 out of 4
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Cancer Screening: Interventions Engaging Community Health Workers – Cervical Cancer

Description of Resource: 
The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends interventions that engage community health workers (CHWs) to increase screening for cervical cancer by Pap smear. Effectiveness evidence shows these interventions increase cervical cancer screening rates when CHWs deliver them independently or as part of an implementation team. In addition, economic evidence shows these interventions are cost-effective. Interventions that engage CHWs to increase cervical cancer screening implement one or more interventions reviewed by the CPSTF to do the following: increase demand for screening services using group education, one-on-one education, client reminders, or small media; improve access to screening services by reducing structural barriers. CHWs are trained frontline health workers who serve as a bridge between communities and healthcare systems. They are from, or have a close understanding of, the community served. They often receive on-the-job training and work without professional titles. Organizations may hire CHWs or recruit volunteers to act in this role. CHWs may work alone or as part of an intervention team that includes other healthcare professionals.

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Community Preventive Services Task Force
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Non-Federal Government
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Systematic Review
Community Preventive Services Task Force. Cancer Screening: Interventions Engaging Community Health Workers – Cervical Cancer [Internet]. 2019 April [cited 2019 Sept 23]. Available from: