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Questions to Ask and Answer:

  • What is the vision and mission of the coalition?
  • Why do I want to bring people together?
  • Who should be represented?
  • Who are the potential partners (organizations and businesses) in my community?

Start by mobilizing key individuals and organizations into a coalition. 

Look for partners who have a stake in creating healthy communities and who will contribute to the process. Aim for broad representation.

Next, identify roles for partners and assign responsibilities.

This will help to keep partners engaged in the coalition. For example, partners can:

  • Facilitate community input through meetings, events, or advisory groups.
  • Develop and present education and training programs.
  • Lead fundraising and policy initiatives.
  • Provide technical assistance in planning or evaluation.

Field Notes: Minnesota

Minnesota formed the Minnesota Health Improvement Partnership, a group of individuals representing a broad sector of both public and private organizations, including members from local departments of health. This group was charged with the responsibility to develop Healthy Minnesotans: Public Health Improvement Goals for 2004.

Resources to Help You Mobilize: