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Questions to Ask and Answer:

  • Are we following our plan?
  • What can we do better?

First, create a detailed workplan that lays out concrete action steps, identifies who is responsible for completing them, and sets a timeline and/or deadlines.

Make sure all partners are on board with the workplan.

Next, consider identifying a single point of contact to manage the process and ensure that things get done.

Be sure to share responsibilities across coalition members. Do not forget to periodically:

  • Bring in new partners for a boost of energy and fresh ideas.
  • Check in with existing partners often to see if they have suggestions or concerns.

Get the word out: develop a communication plan.

Convene kick-off events, activities, and community meetings to showcase your accomplishments (and partners).

image of North Carolina

Field Notes: North Carolina

North Carolina has established the Office of Healthy Carolinians, which is responsible for keeping their Healthy People initiative on track. Staff are available to North Carolina counties for support and training, particularly coalition building. There is also a governor’s task force that certifies counties in the Healthy Carolinians project. The counties do an assessment and then implement an action plan.


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