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Minutes: Fourth Meeting: July 30, 2008


Secretary's Advisory Committee on 

National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives for 2020

Framework and Areas of New Focus for Healthy People 2020
Via WebEx
Fourth Meeting: July 30, 2008

Committee Recommendations (Approved by Vote)

  1. General approach: Healthy People 2020 should be in the form of a relational database, with no a priori limit on the number of objectives. (11 votes in favor, 1 abstention, 1 absent)
  2. A single model should be used to communicate about both the causes of health and the process for creating solutions. (12 votes in favor, 1 absent)
  3. This version of the Healthy People 2020 model should be used in the report, although there will be additional opportunities to modify it. (12 votes in favor, 1 absent)
  4. The relational database should enable user groups to define how they will access and organize the objectives. Thus, focus groups need not be defined in advance. (12 votes in favor, 1 absent)

Issues For Follow-up

  • Dr. Kumanyika, Committee Vice-Chair, will coordinate final revisions to the wording in the Healthy People 2020 model. (The concepts in the model have already been approved.)
  • The FIW will instruct current Healthy People 2010 focus area coordinators to begin considering objectives within their respective areas. The Committee may seek to ensure that topics that are not covered by the Healthy People 2010 categories are not overlooked.
  • The Committee will modify the "preamble" draft so that it can be presented to the Secretary as a suggested introduction for the Healthy People 2020 objectives.
  • The National Opinion Research Center (NORC) will distribute a draft of the Phase I report in advance of the September meeting. Committee members should plan to comment on that fairly quickly.
  • Dr. Manderscheid will develop a draft report section on health information technology (IT) and will also draft language for a potential goal about health IT and health communication.

Issues To Be Discussed At The September Meeting

  • Decide whether a goal related to health IT should be included in Healthy People 2020
  • Review and reach agreement on a draft of the Phase I report to the Secretary
  • Clarify and discuss issues for Phase II of the Committee's efforts
  • Discuss how the proposed relational database for Healthy People 2020 should be organized

I.  Orientation
Jeff Gallagher of WebEx Communications reviewed the meeting technology and Federal Advisory Committee Act rules.

II.  Welcome and Introductions
RADM Penelope Slade Royall, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, introduced herself and welcomed participants to the fourth meeting of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives for 2020 (Committee). RADM Royall provided an overview of Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) regulations and guidelines for communicating with the Committee. She noted that the focus of the meeting would be the Committee's production of its Phase I report to the Secretary. She provided a brief update on the progress of the HHS Federal Interagency Workgroups (FIW), noting that it is on track to produce a separate report on recommendations to the Secretary in October.

III.  Expectations and Desired Outcomes of the 4th Meeting
Dr. Jonathan Fielding, Committee Chair, thanked the members for their work. He noted there were over 200 participants on the call and expressed appreciation for their interest and engagement in the development of Healthy People 2020. Dr. Fielding offered an overview of the agenda and main goals for the meeting. First, the Committee would take stock of the work that has been done to date, especially within the subcommittees, and discuss how best to integrate it into a cohesive product. Second, they would formally vote on and approve issues and questions about which there has been tacit consensus in the past. Third, the Committee would assign responsibilities for writing and editing various sections of its first report to the Secretary.

IV.  Overview of Work To Date, Voting on General Approach

Synthesis of Committee Progress to Date
Dr. Fielding indicated that the Committee had accomplished a great deal since its first meeting in January, 2008. He explained that voting during the current meeting would be limited to broad, overarching concepts to be included in the report. He provided a brief summary of the work accomplished at each of the previous meetings of the full Committee and reviewed the important work that has been done by the subcommittees.