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Tobacco use cause serious diseases and health problems including cancer, heart disease, lung diseases, pregnancy complications, and vision problems. Secondhand smoke exposure also causes heart disease and lung cancer in adults, and health problems in infants and children. Preventing tobacco use and helping people who use tobacco quit can improve the health and quality of life for many Americans.

Related Disparities

Current Cigarette Smoking Across Racial and Ethnic Groups

Among adults age 18 years and older, the rate of current cigarette smoking for the American Indian or Alaska Native population (26.8%, age adjusted) was nearly 3 times that for the Asian population (9.6%, age adjusted) in 2011.

Current Smokers (age adjusted)

Asian 9.6%
Black, Non-Hispanic: 19.1%
White, Non-Hispanic: 21.2%
Two or more races: 24.4%
American Indian/Alaska Native: 26.8%


Adolescent Tobacco Use

18.1% of adolescents in grades 9 through 12 smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days in 2011.

18.1% 2011
16.0% 2020 Target
11.6% decrease needed

Adult Tobacco Use

19.0% (age adjusted) of adults age 18 years and older were current cigarette smokers in 2011.

19.0% 2011
12.0% 2020 Target
36.8% decrease needed