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Access to Health Services

Health insurance coverage helps people gain entry into the health care system, obtain the care they need, and establish an ongoing source of care. People without health insurance are more likely to lack a usual primary care provider, receive less timely care, and have fewer health services overall.

Related Disparities

People without Health Insurance by Educational Attainment, 2011

Among adults age 25 to 64, those with less than a high school education were almost 9 times as likely to be without health insurance as those with an advanced degree.
42.5% Less Than High School
4.8% Advanced Degree


People with Health Insurance

In 2011, 82.8% of people under age 65 had health insurance.

82.8% 2011
100% 2020 Target
20.8% Increase needed

People with a Usual Primary Care Provider

In 2010, the proportion of people with a usual primary care provider was 76.8%.

76.8% 2010
83.9% 2020 Target
9.2% Increase needed