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Evidence-Based Resource Summary

Strength of Evidence: 
2 out of 4
2 out of 4
Year Published: 

Psychological Treatment for Insomnia in the Regulation of Long-Term Hypnotic Drug Use

Description of Resource: 
A randomized controlled trial was conducted to evaluate the impact of providing cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) for insomnia to individuals with chronic sleep issues who had received hypnotic drug prescriptions for one month or longer. The study assessed the clinical impacts—global sleep quality, frequency of hypnotic drug use, mean dose of hypnotics consumed, and health-related quality of life—as well as the cost impacts—service costs and cost utility—of the treatment. The study found that CBT improved sleep quality, reduced the use of hypnotic drugs, and improved health-related quality of life, with minimal costs, for insomniacs using long-term hypnotic treatment.

Evidence-Based Resource Details

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Developed By: 
Health Technology Assessments
Developer Type: 
Non-Federal Government
Healthy People 2020 Topic Area(s): 
Sleep Health
Resource Type: 
Randomized Controlled Trial
Morgan K, Dixon S, Mathers N, Thompson J, Tomeny M. Psychological treatment for insomnia in the regulation of long-term hypnotic drug use. Health Technol Assess [Internet]. 2004 Feb [cited 2013 Jan 22];8(8):iii–iv, 1–68. Available from: