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Survey of Dental Practice


The Survey of Dental Practice is a series of annual reports on private dentistry in U.S. Based on a random sample of active, private practitioners; the reports are valuable in gauging the economic health of the profession. All data are collected and analyzed on a national level with regional breakdowns where available.
The 2010 Survey of Dental Practice is the 41st in a series of reports that date back to 1950. The series “was conceived as a result of an urgent need for information about dental practice.” The Survey of Dental Practice is a House of Delegates mandated survey and has been conducted annually since 1982 as a partial response to Resolution 124H-1981 (Trans, 1981:571). It is the principal means by which the American Dental Association (ADA) collects the most comprehensive and reliable statistical information on the private practice of dentistry in the United States.
The 2010 Survey of Dental Practice collected information about private practice dentistry in 2009. Private practitioners answered the questions using information from the previous year of operation, not 2010.

American Dental Association
Data Years Available: 
Mode of Collection: 
Sample survey: Mailed questionnaire
Selected Content: 
Population Covered: 
Dentists in the US.

• Data were collected from the ADA’s 2010 annual Survey of Dental Practice, using a randomized sample of currently practicing US dentists:
– In 2010, 4725 general practitioners (GPs), 9884 specialists (over-sampled).

• Responses were dichotomized by always/usually vs. sometimes/rarely/no.

• Estimates for screening and counseling were weighted to account for oversampling of specialists.

Response Rates and Sample Size: 
Interpretation Issues: