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National College Health Assessment


The National College Health Assessment (NCHA) is a nationally recognized research survey designed to assist schools in collecting precise data about their students' health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. Schools decide the topics to cover, survey method, target population, sample size, and time period (spring or fall).

American College Health Association
Data Years Available: 
Biannual; schools decide when to participate.
Mode of Collection: 
Paper and web-based surveys.
Selected Content: 
Schools may survey their students about one or more topics such as: (1) alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; (2) sexual health; (3) weight, nutrition and exercise; (4) mental health; (5) personal safety and violence.
Population Covered: 
Students in self-selected colleges and universities in the U.S.
Response Rates and Sample Size: 

Response rates vary: In the 2008 fall cycle, 40 institutions participated; 26,685 students were sampled. In the spring 2009 cycle, 117 institutions participated; 87,105 students were sampled.

Interpretation Issues: 

Because the schools included in the NCHA are self-selecting, these data may not be generalizable to all schools (colleges and universities) and college students in the U.S.


ACHA-NCHA Data and related web pages.