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Comprehensive Environmental Response and Cleanup Information System


The Comprehensive Environmental Response and Cleanup Information System (CERCLIS) contains information on Superfund sites, such as hazardous waste sites, potentially hazardous waste sites and remedial activities across the nation, including sites that are on the National Priorities List (NPL) or being considered for the NPL. The CECRLIS Public Access Database contains a selected set of "non-enforcement confidential" information and is updated by the regions every 90 days. The data describe what has happened at Superfund sites prior to the current quarter. Site information for NPL sites is displayed in a standardized site progress profile format. The profile includes information such as the current status of cleanup efforts, what cleanup milestones have been reached and how much liquid and solid-based media have been treated. All information is presented in easy to understand, non-technical language. Only NPL sites are displayed in the site progress profile format; non-NPL and archived sites are displayed in a less graphical format.

Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
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Database is updated quarterly.
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Superfund Sites in the United States.

To assist in locating the desired site or information, a variety of search criteria are available such as site name, state, ZIP code, contaminants and activities performed at a site. Also, site-specific documents and records such as Records of Decision (RODs), Five-Year Reviews and fact sheets for many sites can be accessed through Superfund Site Information.

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