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Annual School Assessment Reports


Data collected from annual school assessment surveys are used at national, state, and local levels to monitor compliance with state and local school vaccination requirements, vaccination coverage and exemption levels among children enrolled in kindergarten, and used to monitor progress in reaching and sustaining Healthy People 2020 objectives. The number and percentage of children vaccinated and/or claiming exemptions from state vaccination requirements are estimated and reported in CDC’s Annual School Assessment Survey among grantees.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases
Data Years Available: 
Mode of Collection: 
Abstraction of school records to assess adherence to State vaccination requirements and ACIP recommended vaccinations among kindergarten children.
Selected Content: 
School records are reviewed to assess vaccination status and school vaccination exemptions.
Population Covered: 
Children enrolled in kindergarten.

In partnership with immunization grantees, school nurses or other designated individuals at the state or local level, abstract vaccination status information from school records of kindergarten children. School nurses or other designated individuals review school records and abstract vaccination information on all state required vaccines and ACIP recommended vaccines where available. In state and local areas, vaccination status and exemption information are collected from all schools or a random sample of schools, and from all children or a random sample of children within each school. State and local area grantees report an aggregate of these data annually to the CDC via a web-based questionnaire by April 30th.

Response Rates and Sample Size: 

All state and local area grantees participate in the collection of these data on an annual basis. Annual reporting of these data to CDC may vary; for example, for the 2009-2010 school year, 47 states and the District of Columbia submitted school assessment surveys to CDC.

Interpretation Issues: 

Data may not be directly comparable across state and local levels. States may not collect data from both public and private schools. Data collection may vary across states: some may review all school records, a sample of school records, or use a combination of methods that include both school records and state and local registries. Additionally, response rates of participating schools may vary across states.


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