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Minutes: Second Meeting: May 1, 2008


Secretary's Advisory Committee on 
National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives for 2020

WebEx-Based, Virtual
Second Meeting: May 1, 2008
4:00-5:30 PM

Recommended Strategies for Immediate Follow-up

  • Schedule a conference call among subcommittee chairs to discuss how their work can be integrated to help prepare for a more fruitful discussion in June
  • Include Representatives from HHS on the next Health Equity subcommittee call
  • Clarification is needed about what this committee means by "prioritization." This should be addressed on both the subcommittee chairs and the prioritization subcommittee calls.
  • Seek information and feedback on the needs of user groups
  • Consider inviting non-HHS agencies to attend the June meeting as "observers"
  • Subcommittee chairs should contact Karen Harris to ask for staff support to finalize work for the June meeting.
  • Anyone who would like to suggest additional agenda topics should contact Dr. Fielding or Dr. Kumanyika.

Recommended Issues for Discussion at the June Meeting

  • A logic model for population health improvement over the life course
  • Discuss issues such as healthy life course metrics, bi-directional influences
  • Definitional issues for health: disparity, inequity, equity, equality, and quality: Review and reach consensus on definitions
  • How to think about reframing opportunities for intervention: This is particularly important for highlighting social and physical environments
  • Prioritization, and whether priorities should vary by user group: Should we propose one set of priorities, or help different user groups to think about priorities, given their opportunities to influence health?
  • How should the Healthy People document be organized? How should it look? Decisions will affect who uses Healthy People 2020
  • A presentation from a representative of a state or city health department on partnering outside of the public health sector to address social determinants.
  • Time permitting, representatives from LA County or Philadelphia could address this issue.
  • Presentations from experts on Health Information Technology and Preparedness.
  • ODPHP and NORC will seek to identify expert speakers for these topics.

Welcome and Introductions

Carter Blakey, Senior Advisor and Lead for the Community Strategies Team, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), welcomed participants to the second meeting of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives for 2020. She explained that the committee operates under the regulations of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, and offered operational guidelines. Though there was no opportunity for public comment at this meeting, she encouraged audience members to send any written comments electronically to

Ms. Blakey remarked that four Healthy People 2020 Regional Meetings had taken place to date, in Atlanta, GA; San Francisco, CA; Fort Worth, TX, and Chicago, IL. Two additional meetings were scheduled to take place in New York, NY (May 14), and Bethesda, MD (May 28). A total of 816 individuals attended the first four meetings, and 170 comments were made. In addition, 91 comments have been received through the Healthy People 2020 Web site. Public comments have generally supported a shift toward a risk factor based approach to organizing the focus areas and objectives. Yet many contributors have also said that specific disease areas should be included in the risk factor framework. Ms. Blakey noted that, since its first meeting in January, the Secretary's Advisory Committee had accomplished a great deal. It has created five subcommittees, and members have worked hard to prepare progress updates for this meeting. She then turned the meeting over to Dr. Jonathan Fielding, the Chair of this Committee.