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Topics & Objectives

Healthy People 2020 is organized into 42 topic areas. In each topic area, you’ll find 4 tabs: Overview, Objectives, Interventions & Resources, and National Snapshots.

picture of Access to Health Services Topics & Objectives page
  • In the Overview tab, you’ll find a brief introduction to the topic along with information about why it’s important to the Nation’s health.
  • Read the list of objectives for the topic area in the Objectives tab. Each measurable objective includes a baseline, target, and data source.
  • Browse topic-specific evidence-based intervention strategies, clinical recommendations, and links to consumer health information in the Interventions & Resources tab.
  • Use the National Snapshots tab to view graphs and images that represent current data for selected objectives in the topic area. 

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Leading Health Indicators

Learn about the Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators (LHIs), a set of objectives that reflect high-priority health issues and communicate actions that can address them. You can find information about the LHI selection process, track the Nation’s progress, view our LHI infographic gallery, and more.  

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Data Search

Use DATA2020, our new Healthy People 2020 interactive data search tool, to explore data and technical information related to the Healthy People 2020 objectives. Search the data using helpful objective filters like topic area, population group, and intervention agent. 

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Healthy People in Action

Learn how communities around the country are implementing Healthy People 2020 goals and objectives. You can:

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Tools & Resources

Use these tools and resources to learn more about the topic areas and objectives—and to start planning your program. You can:

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Webinars & Events

Find information on upcoming Healthy People webinars and events. You can also see a complete list of past webinars and events. 


Read about the background, history, and development process of Healthy People 2020. 

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