Healthy People 2020

New Infographic on Mental Health

See the latest data for the Mental Health Leading Health Indicators.

Filling Health Care Gaps to Prevent Suicides in Michigan

Learn how a Michigan health care system is working to prevent suicide in Detroit.

Call for Public Comment on Health Literacy

Help us update the health literacy definition for Healthy People 2030.



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DATA 2020 Search

DATA2020 Search

This interactive data tool allows users to explore data and technical information related to the Healthy People 2020 objectives. Search Healthy People data.

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Planning for Healthy People 2030

Every decade, the Healthy People initiative develops a new set of objectives to improve the health of all Americans. Learn more and get involved.

Midcourse Review Infographics

Midcourse Review:
Interactive Infographics

Check out our interactive infographics to track the Nation’s progress toward Healthy People 2020 targets.

LHI Infographics

The Leading Health Indicators (LHIs) are high-priority health issues that serve as measures of the Nation’s health.

View Healthy People Infographics.