RD-1.1 Reduce asthma deaths among children and adults under age 35 years

National Data Source
National Vital Statistics System-Mortality (NVSS-M); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics (CDC/NCHS)
Population Estimates; U.S. Census Bureau (Census)
Changed Since the Healthy People 2020 Launch
per 1,000,000 
Baseline (Year)
3.4 (2007)
Not applicable
Target-Setting Method
This measure is being tracked for informational purposes. If warranted, a target will be set during the decade.
Number of asthma deaths (ICD-10 codes J45-J46) among persons under age 35 years
Number of persons under age 35 years
Data Collection Frequency
Comparable Healthy People 2010 Objective
Adapted from HP2010 objective


Methodology Notes

Deaths due to asthma (ICD-10 codes J45-J46).

Single-year rates are calculated based on the resident population of the data year involved. For census years, April 1 census counts are used (e.g. 2000). For postcensal years, July 1 estimates from the postcensal Vintage that matches the data year are used (e.g. July 1, 2004 resident population estimates from Vintage 2004 are used to calculate rates for 2004). For intercensal years, intercensal population estimates are used in rate calculations (e.g. 1991-1999). Population estimates for 1991 and later have bridged-race categories.

Trend Issues
Mortality data by marital status were not available for 60% of Georgia’s records in 2008 and 94% of Georgia’s records in 2009. Therefore, 2008 and 2009 data by marital status should be interpreted with caution.
Changes Between HP2010 and HP2020
This objective combines the age groups tracked by three Healthy People 2010 asthma deaths objectives: persons under age 5 years (objective 24-1a), 5–14 years (objective 24-1b), and 15–34 year (objective 24-1c) into one age group for persons under age 35 years.