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IVP-22 Data Details

IVP-22 Increase the proportion of motorcycle operators and passengers using helmets

About the Data

Description of the data source, numerator, denominator, survey questions, and other relevant details about the national estimate.

National Data Source
National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS); Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (DOT/NHTSA)
Changed Since the Healthy People 2020 Launch
Baseline (Year)
67 (2009)
Target-Setting Method
10 percent improvement
Number of motorcycle operators and passengers observed wearing helmets
Number of motorcycle operators and passengers observed
Data Collection Frequency
Comparable Healthy People 2010 Objective
Retained from HP2010 objective
Methodology Notes

NOPUS uses observational data collected at intersections, highway ramps, and parking lots. Four observers (each responsible for a different seat in cars, two observers for motorcycles) report occupant helmet use.

Data by race and age are not reported because race and age are subjectively assessed by roadside observers and are, therefore, considered unreliable.

Revision History

Any change to the objective text, baseline, target, target-setting method or data source since the Healthy People 2020 launch.

Description of Changes Since the Healthy People 2020 Launch

In 2012, the target was revised from 73.7 to 74 due to the available precision of the baseline value. The baseline value is 67, not 67.0.