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HC/HIT-6.3 Data Details

HC/HIT-6.3 Increase the proportion of persons who use mobile devices

About the Data

Description of the data source, numerator, denominator, survey questions, and other relevant details about the national estimate.

National Data Source
Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS); National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute (NIH/NCI)
Changed Since the Healthy People 2020 Launch
Baseline (Year)
6.7 (2007)
Target-Setting Method
10 percent improvement
Number of persons aged 18 years and over who report accessing the Internet at home via a wireless/mobile device.
Number of persons aged 18 years and over who have Internet access at home.
Questions Used to Obtain the National Baseline Data

From the Health Information National Trends Survey:


When you use the Internet at home, do you mainly access it through a telephone modem, a cable or satellite modem, a DSL modem, a wireless device such as a PDA, or some other way?

  1. Telephone modem
  2. Cable or satellite modem
  3. DSL modem
  4. A wireless device such as a pda
  5. Some other way
  6. Not ascertained
  7. Refused
  8. Don't know


Do you ever go on-line to access the Internet or World Wide Web, or to send and receive e-mail?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Where do you go to use the Internet?

[Code all that apply; PROBE: Anywhere else?]

  1. Home
  2. Work
  3. School
  4. A public library
  5. A community center
  6. Someone else’s house
  7. Somewhere else
Comparable Healthy People 2010 Objective
Not applicable
Methodology Notes

HINTS is a biennial, cross-sectional survey of a nationally-representative sample of American adults that is used to assess the impact of the health information environment.