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Council on Linkages Study


The Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice is a coalition of representatives from 17 national public health organizations. In 2006, the Council developed a brief online survey to measure progress toward Healthy People 2010 objective 23-9 (proportion of Schools of Public Health, CEPH accredited academic programs and schools of nursing that integrate core competencies into their curriculum). The survey will be repeated to track progress toward the related Healthy People 2020 objective (PHI-7).


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In consultation with its 17 member organizations the Council developed a brief online questionnaire related to Core Competencies use. Institutions meeting the criteria for the objective were invited via email to participate in the survey. Respondents were asked if they Integrated competencies into their curriculum using the Core Competencies Framework for any of their public health or community health degree programs in any of the following ways: added specific content intended to build skills and/or competencies; designed field placements/internships to build skills and/or competencies; designed exercises or assignments to build skills and/or competencies; brought in external speakers/faculty to help teach or address the Core Competencies; and tested students for attainment of skills and competencies during or after completion of a course. Respondents were also asked if they had used the Core Competency framework to develop curricula; assess gaps in specific courses; develop courses; evaluate student skills and competencies for the purpose of program planning; and train faculty.

Response rate and sample size

The 2006 survey was sent to 237 institutions. Responses were received from 101 (a response rate of 43%).

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