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Exhibit 2—Summary of Subcommittees for Fall, 2009

Subcommittee Name Subcommittee Charge
Strategic Communications Develop a strategic communication plan for what communications will be and how they will be rolled out. How can demand be created for Healthy People products? Consider the diffusion of social change and social norms.
Implementation Further explicate key items in the approved implementation recommendations. Explore barriers to implementation (esp. barriers to a social determinants approach). What are the needs of users in terms of understanding levels of evidence? Hold a joint meeting with FIW subgroup on Implementation to help address their needs.
Priorities Conduct final wordsmithing of the four options for prioritization that were approved by the Committee. Put recommendations into the context of a paper. Consider recommending that the Domestic Policy Council convene a group to decide on priorities
Data & IT Create a framework for using epidemiological and encounter data to address the goals of HP 2020 and for developing the Healthy People Community.
Ad hoc group on Social Determinants Operationalize social determinants in order to give some guidance to FIW workgroups (e.g., fact sheets)
Ad hoc group on Evidence Create guidelines for what to do when there is no evidence, but people feel compelled to act.

Is HHS the right place to be the main purveyor of evidence, or should other possibilities be explored, such as a cooperative effort for accomplishing the same tasks? Where and who has responsibility for overseeing this development? Other than ODPHP, where can we look to take responsibility for this?


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